With over 20 years of experience of professional racing combined with successful marketing and promotion. Joseph is now available to discriminating individuals or companies that strive to separate themselves; Individuals seeking the next level in representation.

Establishing relationships early on are essential to the development and growth of an athlete or business. Too often people are misled to believe that talent and ability alone will be enough for success. The construction of unique and powerful tools that project a level of professionalism are inherent of a solid foundation that will allow one to unlock their true potential.

A clear path to success does not contain facts and figures or statistics and equations.  They do not include the black and white ideas found in some manual that can be memorized or copied.  They contain the theories, thoughts, visions, and ideologies that have been the driving force of Joseph Allen Skrocki for over 20 successful years!

We continually pursue alternative and progressive ideas to create an image for our clients that will exceed their expectations.

Current Projects
Currently Joe has been recruited to be the Chief Engineer for the Victoria 500 Race team to break the world circumvention record. Go have a look at